We have a range of workshops suitable for everyone to get involved in. These workshops are a fun and therapeutic way to embrace our passions and talents.

Jammin with Joe

“Jammin’ with Joe” is a name we have given to musical sessions led by Joe with the Hang drum and various other percussion instruments. Taking it back to basics, the audience can use their own bodies, voices and musical instruments to build up a communal beat and immerse themselves in a rhythmic journey together. Other … Continue reading Jammin with Joe

Hang Drum Meditation

Hang Drum meditation is a workshop that allows you to become completely immersed in the music and allow your mind to relax to the soothing soundtrack of the hang drum. Here is Joe’s latest album… Also available for download here.

Mandala Art

Mandala (sacred circle) workshops are a therapeutic art session where you will be guided in creating your own beautiful sacred circle. Mandalas represent unity, harmony and wholeness. The act of drawing mandalas is thought to help quieten the mind and stop repetitive thoughts, it offers us a clearer vision of our souls. Plus it’s fun … Continue reading Mandala Art

Doodle Meditation

In this workshop we will provide all the equipment you need to just doodle. The idea behind this workshop is to give your brain the chance to unwind with some non judgmental drawing, to the sound of music. We find that allowing yourself to draw without judgment, to the sound of music allows your subconscious … Continue reading Doodle Meditation