About Anna

Anna is a 200hr qualified yoga teacher. She trained in Indonesia in 2015 at Santosha Yoga School. She teaches Vinyasa Krama (Healing Flow), this style of yoga is gentle and flowing, it is very beneficial for health and fitness, focusing on breathing, flexibilty and muscle toning. The aim of each yoga class is to still the mind.

happy mind = happy body = happy soul


Anna is currently running Yoga classes in Thirsk. These classes are suitable for all abilities, it is Vinyasa Krama translated as ‘Healing Flow’ which comes under Hatha Yoga. Friday evening classes are accompanied by the lovely Hang Drum played by Joe.


Vinyasa Krama (healing flow)

Anna has trained with Santosha Yoga School in Bali and specialises in a style of yoga called Vinyasa Krama, translated as ‘Healing Flow’. This is a very gentle style of yoga that aims to bring stillness to the mind. Performing this type of yoga can help in healing the mind and the body of any blockages. A … Continue reading Vinyasa Krama (healing flow)

Dance Yoga

Dance Yoga is an aerobic, fun and energetic class. The classes combine yoga poses and dance moves gradually building up to a free dance where you can move in any way you feel like. The classes finish with a relaxation focusing on the breath and reflecting on the practise. These classes are for those who want … Continue reading Dance Yoga


Glowga classes have been designed for honouring the moon, they are usually performed surrounded by nature, in the beautiful outdoors, just after sunset. Each yogi is given the opportunity to decorate themselves using glow paint and glow sticks. The style of yoga is Vinyasa Krama (healing flow) which aims to bring stillness to the mind.